Fiverr Opens Influencer 'Store'

Fiverr is expanding its online freelance community with the opening of a "store" dedicated to serving the business needs of influencers. This new practice seeks to bundle an array of services personalities need to pursue their influencer careers into one user-friendly hub. 

This program will be divided into four sub-stores: Websites and Blogs, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Each will incorporate platform-specific services and skill-sets to assist those users. 

For instance, Instagram users can receive help with editing videos for TV, while Facebook users receive assistance in scheduling and editing posts.

Although Fiverr originally launched 10 years ago as a global matchmaker to connect companies with hundreds of thousands of skilled freelancers, the platform has expanded its offering to better connect with niche users.



 “With the addition of new vertical stores, we are expanding our platform to a new group of customers from new industries," says Micha Kaufman, CEO, Fiverr.

The Influencer Store joins gaming, ecommerce, architecture and politics to become Fiverr's fifth industry store. "For many of these customers, Fiverr is an extension of their teams, allowing them to flexibly add capabilities to get projects done quickly, cost-effectively and transparently," says Kaufman.


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