Playboy Enterprises Restructures Under PEI Holdings

In a restructuring that will see its brands umbrella themselves under new consumer categories, Playboy Enterprises is restructuring under a parent company called PEI Holdings.

The new categories include sexual wellness, apparel and accessories, home and hospitality, and beauty and skincare.

The newly named company will act as owner, incubator and investor for a portfolio of brands, while looking to product development, marketing and distribution infrastructure to bolster new and existing brands.

"Establishing a holding company allows us to take advantage of the tremendous power of the Playboy brand to serve as a platform to launch and nurture other brands," said Ben Kohn, CEO of PEI Holdings and CEO of Playboy Enterprises.

With the restructuring, PEI Holdings announced it had acquired online intimates retailer Yandy as it expands it direct-to-consumer product sales and ecommerce capabilities. Yandy, whose audience is largely female and U.S.-based, claims fulfillment of more than 50,000 monthly orders.



Last year, Playboy’s print magazine relaunched as a quarterly, down from six times a year, after rebranding its slogan in 2018 to “Pleasure for All.”

In spring 2019, Cooper Hefner, son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, announced he would leav e the company to launch Hefner Media Corporation, which was reported to include a digital content platform called HefPost.

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