More Virus Fallout: Netflix Closes L.A. Office; AppleTV+'s 'Morning Show' On Hiatus

Streaming brands are by no means immune (literally) from the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Netflix has shut down its main Los Angeles office — known as Icon, on Sunset Boulevard — and advised all L.A. employees to begin working from home for the present, based on one employee’s suspected coronavirus infection, according to reports in Variety and the Los Angeles Times.

Netflix declined to comment to either outlet.

Both outlets also report that the office building is undergoing a deep cleaning.

Separately, in one of the rapidly growing examples of suspensions of movie and series production for precautionary reasons (rather than infection cases), one of Apple TV+’s anchor series, “The Morning Show” (above) is going on a two-week hiatus.

Apple made the decision in conjunction with the series’ studio, Media Res.



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