'USA Today' Launches 'Nation's Health,' Includes Reporting From All 50 States

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, USA Today is introducing a special section set to appear in print and on digital platforms called “Nation’s Health.”

The section is expected to appear for at least the next two weeks and will focus on COVID-19 news and information culled from reporting across all 50 states. Readers can expect stories about testing, confirmed cases, mitigation, closures and cancellations and the new reality of life during a pandemic.

“In this moment of national crisis, it is more vital than ever to elevate fact and rapidly debunk myth and misinformation,” stated Maribel Perez Wadsworth, Gannett’s news division president and publisher of USA Today. “We are committed to helping our readers and the nation navigate the looming health and economic threats with access to the latest expert guidance and recommendations.”



The section joins USA Today’s stable of coronavirus reporting, which to date, has included a newsletter dedicated to the pandemic, which saw 90,000 subscribers over the past two weeks, an app that allows readers to follow coronavirus-related news, and coverage specifically created for the outlet’s digital and print platforms, including TicTok.

According to USA Today, its coronavirus-related stories, videos, graphics and photo galleries have garnered more than 100 million views over the past month.

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