'Wall Street Journal' Launches Personal Finance Site

The Wall Street Journal has launched a mobile-first site called WSJ Money to help readers manage their finances during the COVID-19 crisis.

The interactive micro-site is divided into five topics: stimulus money, student loans, mortgages, unemployment and taxes.

Presented in a Q&A format, questions such as “What if I can’t make my mortgage payment this month?” and “How much will my unemployment check be?” are answered in short, easy-to-read cards that can be copied and shared.

A form at the bottom of the page lets readers pose questions to the WSJ Money team.

WSJ Money lives in front of the paywall.

New audiences chief Ebony Reed and chief news strategist Louise Story announced the project on Monday. The two teams worked together on the hub.

Reed and Story said WSJ Money is “part of a strategic effort to reach new audiences with the WSJ’s personal finance reporting.”

WSJ Money is being promoted on the COVID-19 resources ribbon at the top of WSJ.com and under the "Markets" section on the homepage.

The duo noted that since the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 15,000 readers have submitted questions through the Audience Voice feedback form attached to stories. 

Those questions informed the topics featured on WSJ Money.

The mobile design of WSJ Money “allows users to share the cards in a topic and to share text from each card,” they wrote.

The audience and personal finance teams plan to add new features and additional information during quarterly updates, based in part, on findings from user research studies.

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