News Corp Taps Latour As CEO Dow Jones, Publisher 'WSJ'

News Corp has named Almar Latour Chief Executive Officer of Dow Jones and Publisher of The Wall Street Journal.

He will assume his new role May 15.

Latour replaces William Lewis, whose departure was announced last month. Lewis was named interim CEO in January 2014 and made permanent five months later.

At present, Latour is publisher of the Barron’s Group, which includes Barron’s,MarketWatch, Mansion, Financial News and Dow Jones Wealth and Asset Management Group. He is also executive vice president at Dow Jones.

Per the company, Dow Jones digital-only subscribers grew 17% year-over-year as December 2019. Total consumer subscriptions hit 3.5 million in February. The Wall Street Journal earned 2 million digital subscribers in February.

Latour has a long history with the company, nearly 25 years serving in various capacities, including reporter, editor and publisher.

Robert Thomson, Chief Executive of News Corp, stated that Latour has shown distinguished leadership, editorially and commercially, and brings a deep understanding of digital challenges and opportunities."

Latour added: "Our millions of readers and users in the U.S. and beyond are all faced with uncertainty in times ahead and our unique brand of factual news and analysis serves to help them make decisions in business, finance and personal life. … As always, our mission is to help people put the truth to good ends."


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