Work Fast, Win Zoom Call For Mom, Wait For Surprise

Michelob Ultra is putting lots of faith in the power of social media and the allure of pop star Maluma to make a quickie Mother’s Day promotion come off.

The premium beer brand only announced the contest Thursday at noon. The winners will be announced Friday by 6 p.m. The promotion is one of several in which brands are attempting to create a Mother’s Day event in the absence of a physical meeting between moms and their kids.

The contest goes like this, according to instructions from Michelob Ultra: Loving children should schedule a Zoom call with their mom for Sunday between 3-3:30 pm. EST.



Then they go  to the Anheuser-Busch InBev brand’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook social feeds to “drop us a comment telling us why your mom is great using #Ultramom and #sweepstakes.”

Then wait, but not for long. Working with the speed of a nimble dry cleaner, Michelob Ultra will inform five people they’re winners by Friday night at 6 p.m. EST.

On the winners' Zoom calls Sunday, “Maluma will pop in and surprise your mom with the Mother’s Day wish of a lifetime!”

Michelob Ultra’s last-minute contest may force followers to react in a way marketers like: quickly. In February, National Geographic gave its Instagram followers 24 hours to submit their best NatiGeo-like photo. That generated 233,738 responses, according to the social media analytics firm, ListenFirst. (But the grand prize was a Tanzania safari.)

It's hard to categorize what a typical mother is like these days, but it’s quite possible Maluma’s guest appearance might really, really be a surprise. Marketing Daily asked a Michelob Ultra representative if Maluma was really that well-known.  

She politely explained the 26-year-old Colombian is a hot international star with 49 million followers on Instagram alone. He recently recorded a duet with Madonna, and has a relationship with Michelob Ultra in which he's already appeared in two ads, in one of which he had a starring role.

Maluma also made some mom news last year when he was criticized in some circles for giving his mom a Mother’s Day kiss some felt was too passionate. He explained the kiss on the lips was just a cultural thing. She stuck up for him. That’s what mothers always do.

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