New Agency Layoff List Launches

As we all know, the pandemic has caused Adland to shed thousands of jobs in recent weeks and more cuts may be coming.

Thankfully, some agencies are hiring, albeit at a much slower pace than cuts are happening.

Now, two firms have joined together in a pro-bono effort to help some of those who have been laid off get their names in front of would-be employers.

WorkReduce is a platform that helps large agencies outsource media buying jobs. It’s run by CEO Brian Dolan. The firm works with the major holding companies and just started publishing what it's calling a “minimum viable’ list. It teamed with creative shop Said Differently to create the online site.

The main idea is to offer a pandemic-related list of laid-off talent that’s available for hire in the media, technology and creative spaces. It’s called the minimum viable list because it’s designed to be as simple and easy as possible for folks to sign up and for agencies to find talent. 

It looks pretty easy to me, but check it out here and judge for yourself.


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