TikTok Taps 'Self,' 'WWD' For Creative Learning Fund Partnerships

TikTok announced last month that it would pledge $250 million in support during the COVID-19 pandemic, with $50 million of that going to its Creative Learning Fund.

The Creative Learning Fund was developed to support creators producing content that educates and engages, while drawing new instructors to the platform. TikTok recognized an opportunity to offer users more of the informative, instructional and motivational videos that have risen in popularity.

The 800+ selected creators cover a wide range of industries, notable public figures, educational institutions and experts, including the Aquarium of the Pacific, nonprofit It Gets Better, Lebanese author and poet Najwa Zebian and chef Jose Andres.

Today, media brands Self, WWD and Upworthy were announced as publishing partners of the fund.

Through the partnership, health and wellness brand Self has been producing expert-driven, science-backed content since May 13, with production expected to continue for seven weeks. The content is presented in an easily accessible and digestible format. For example, the brand created a video about overcoming sleep loss due to anxiety, offering a series of four practical and actionable tips to get a good night’s rest.



Jennifer Mormile, Chief Business Officer, The Lifestyle Division, Condé Nast, noted Self’s “balance of authority and relatability” that comes through in its content, making it a natural fit for TikTok’s audience. 

The partnership also allows publishing brands to offer a new avenue of connection for advertisers.

Mormile stated: "Our launch collaboration with TikTok's Creative Learning Fund has enabled an exciting opportunity for our advertisers to align with Self magazine's influence. Our partners can experiment on an emerging platform, while aligning with the premium content and guaranteed brand safe environment they are used to from Condé Nast."

WWD reported its partnership on its website today, sharing that its TikTok account is set to feature five short-form videos a week that focus on fashion, beauty and retail, with content already in production.

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