'Wirecutter' Moves To 'NYT' Site

Product recommendation site Wirecutter has moved. It is now part of NYTimes.com.

The site looks mostly the same, but now is accessed via nytimes.com/wirecutter.

Wirecutter’s content will be housed in front of The New York Times paywall. However, it’s unclear if that will remain the case permanently.

Wirecutter was purchased by The New York Times Company in 2016.



“By moving to nytimes.com, we’ll be able to reach and help even more readers. Our editorial team will continue to work independently from The Times, but you can look forward to future collaborations across the site,” reads an FAQ page dedicated to explaining Wirecutter’s move to NYTimes.com.

Wirecutter’s business model will remain unchanged. The site will continue to receive commissions from purchases made via affiliate links.

On Twitter, Wirecutter responded to a user asking if content will be blocked by the paywall: “Nothing is out of the question when it comes to the new formats, features, or services we’d be willing to try to better serve our readers.”

Wirecutter also debuted a new logo, which “better represents our work, collaboration and shared mission with The Times today.”

That mission? “Seek the truth and help people understand the world,” according to the site.

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