Ready, Set, Go! Moms Looking To Plan Vacation

It’s been a long few months for moms, who have mostly been taking preventative health measures at home with their families. Unfortunately, their to-do list has grown to include educating their children, seeking out essential household items and entertaining the family.  

Now that states are reopening, what can we expect her to do with her time?  According to a recent survey, moms are ready for a vacation. 

The study of 892 moms from across America asked, “What is the first thing you will do (after reconnecting with local relatives and friends) after your state stay-at-home orders are lifted?”  Forty percent of moms indicated they will plan a vacation, while 61% also responded that they are likely to travel once the bans are lifted.  

The research also identified where moms intend to vacation with their families. 

Thirty-two percent of moms have their eye on a destination within driving distance, while 20% intend to visit a beach destination.  Should Disney parks reopen soon (Disney World is actually slated for a mid-July opening), 14% of moms hope to pack their bags for the “Happiest Place on Earth.”  Only 2% of respondents indicated their travel will involve a theme or amusement park outside of Disney.   



Flying isn’t totally out of the picture, since 15%  said they will try to take advantage of airline deals. 

There seems to be a perfect storm that will lure moms to pack up the family for a road trip, including such factors as cheap gas prices, the inability to travel to Europe, a rediscovery of family time and outdoor activities, a desire to leave their homes and a desire to occupy wide-open space without interacting with crowds.

So what does all this travel mean for brands outside the travel industry? For snack food brands that travel well, it means families will be purchasing additional product to take in the car and to their destinations.  

With so many restaurants operating at 25%-50% capacity, it’s likely many families will be eating in more often, even while traveling. 

Social media posts should reflect the travel-friendly options of your products or suggest easy-to-make beach lunch ideas.  

The toy industry, which has already benefited from many more family game nights, should now turn its attention to products that can be played during car rides and in vacation rentals. With so many families taking to the road, moms will now be seeking out entertainment for the car, hotel rooms and airports.  

Finally, hotels and rental services should focus on cleanliness and steps they are taking to ensure the health and safety of guests.  Moms want to make sure their children are safe no matter where they are and know that they’re making the right decision for their families. 

As Mom assumes the role of chief travel planner, brands should recognize the opportunity to be a part of her solution set as she packs her bags and says goodbye to the four walls she calls home.

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