'The New York Times' Diversity Report Finds More Women, People Of Color In Leadership Roles

The New York Times has more women and people of color working for the company than last year, according to the company's latest diversity and inclusion report for 2019. 

The annual report publishes data on the composition of the Times’ workforce.

Across the company, 53% of new hires in 2019 identified as women and 43% identified as people of color. Women now make up 51% of all staff and 49% of the leadership positions. 

In 2018, women made up 49% of staff, and 47% of the leadership positions.

White people make up 65% of all staff. People of color make up 32%. (Three percent declined to answer.)  People of color account for 21% of leadership positions, and 32% of the Times’ staff. 

In 2018, white people made up 68% of staff and people of color made up 30%. In leadership positions, 78% were white and 20% were people of color.



The data shows “we still have gaps in representation at the leadership level, particularly of people of color," reads the report. 

"Continuing to ensure our new hires are a diverse group is important, but focusing on inclusion and career development is equally important to accelerating progress here," it added.

In the newsroom (news and opinion departments), men make up 51% of staff, while women make up 54% of leadership positions. People of color make up 26% of the newsroom staff and 21% of the leadership positions.

“As we do this essential work, we are committed to fostering a diverse staff that reflects the society we report on. And we are committed to giving our people a workplace that feels inclusive and rewarding to all,” according to the report.

Leadership accounts for about 10% of the total employee population at the Times, and roughly equates to director level and above in business departments, and deputy editor and above in the news and opinion departments.

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