Local Media Consortium Offers Subscription Management Platform Piano To Members

Members of the Local Media Consortium will now be offered access to subscription management and customer experience technology provider Piano as part of a newly announced partnership between the nonprofit and company.

Through the partnership, LMC members can approach their customer experience on one platform, while monetizing content.

Piano also allows users to examine those metrics important to driving subscription conversion through machine learning. Publishers that use Piano report a growth in subscriptions between 200% and 2,000% during the first two years after launch.

“Piano loves working with innovative media companies of all sizes, to help them better understand and engage with their users, and to build new revenue streams,” stated Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Piano. “Using the Piano platform and services, LMC members will be able to launch and optimize a paid content strategy, personalize their offerings, reduce ad blocking, and visualize their results.”



LMC members can access Piano’s launch services and license fees through a preferred member rate.

Fran Wills, CEO of the LMC, added: “By joining forces with Piano, the LMC facilitates even greater benefits for local media companies, enabling our members to build dedicated audiences and increase revenue.”

The LMC counts members from more than 4,000 local media outlets and reports a majority of its members realize a 1,000% return on membership investment.

Currently, Piano manages 1.6 million subscriptions and tracks 34.1 billion pageviews.


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