Ecwid Partners With Mailchimp To Provide SMB Ecommerce Brands With Email Marketing Tools

Ecommerce platform Ecwid is partnering with Mailchimp to provide small businesses with email marketing tools. 

The new offering, Mailchimp for Ecwid, will allow SMBs to share data from their Ecwid stores to build email lists, create targeted email campaigns and recommend products, according to a company blog posted on Thursday. 

“Most ESPs (email service providers) limit the number of emails that can be sent from an individual account at any one time,” Ecwid writes. “So, to do email marketing effectively, you’ll generally need to use a specialized service — like Mailchimp — to build your email list and send campaigns in bulk. “

The service is available for clients on Ecwid’s Business plan or higher levels. The firm’s Mailchimp account can be on any level, including forever free.  

The feature, which is enabled on Instant Sites and WordPress, will soon be rolled out to partners such as Wix. 

Ecwid, a competitor to Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce, adds that Mailchimp can help them:

  • Build email lists with email signup forms in their store
  • Send manual and automated email campaigns
  • Create customized email templates 
  • Segment audiences 
  • Advertise on Facebook and Instagram 
  • Schedule social posts

In addition, it specifies that they use online store data from Mailchimp to promote live products in their email campaign, and send personalized transactional messages—for example, product instructions and abandoned cart reminders.  

The blog provides educational input on each of these functions.  

In addition, it advises SMBs on how to create discount coupons in their stores, create an email popup in Mailchimp and sent an automated welcome mail and add a discount code. 

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