Loud TV In Bars Is Dangerous In The Time Of COVID-19

TV sets are in bars and restaurants. Patrons can take in video images -- content and marketing -- from across the dining areas. Perhaps even some sound. 

Pure music feeds in food locations set the mood. But these days, maybe loud broadcasts or music isn't good.

Loud music at big franchise restaurants and/or bars can force those speaking to anyone to shout. And that could be a problem: a greater chance of COVID-19 transmission.

Recently, restaurants and bars in Miami-Dade County have been told to keep music and other piped-in sounds at a certain low level -- all to slow transmission of the virus.

In these out-of-home locations, entertainment consumption has been, at times, an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to marketers campaigns -- especially sports TV programming. Now, with major sports programming still waiting to start or restart -- the NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL, and possibly even the NFL -- the ripple effects continue.



To be sure, this is a low priority for restaurants/bars at the moment. Many states have been spotty in terms of partial openings, with some only allowing outdoor dining or just takeout delivery service. And even then, there are no re-closings in effect. 

All this might not mean much in terms of the overall picture of where and when we watch TV programming out of home. Here’s a possible silver lining. Perhaps with fewer, or no, in-stadium, in-arena live attendance of sporting events, some enterprising restaurant businesses should consider more social-distancing-appropriate efforts/venues for those patrons suffering from friendly-bar-chatter withdrawal.

The hospitality business has been in trouble for the last four months. More to come, we are told. So, anything would be helpful.

Drive-in theaters and other outdoor sites are already doing some of this for movies, concerts and church services. And while it doesn’t put businesses back on the same level -- pre-pandemic -- it does keep consumers engaged.

Shouting in cars, entirely permissible here. Dancing, not so much.

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