Dynamic Logic Bows Ad Testing

Online research firm Dynamic Logic Wednesday unveiled a service, DigitalLink, that allows advertisers to test the effectiveness of their online ads before launching campaigns.

For the service, Dynamic Logic displays the ads to 100 consumers and then questions them online. "We get the creative from the clients in advance, and we expose people to the creative in a live environment," said Ken Mallon, vice president of product development at Dynamic Logic, which was acquired by Millward Brown earlier this year. Dynamic Logic specifically asks consumers to state what stands out about the ad, what message is communicated, and whether they plan to take any action as a result of seeing the ad.

Dynamic Logic will recruit consumers from its own panel, and can also recruit from sites where ads will run. "We have a variety of techniques we use, depending on the goals of the research," Mallon said, adding that the company could recruit from sites such as Yahoo! or iVillage if campaigns are slated for those properties.



Dynamic Logic has been testing DigitalLink with a campaign created by consumer goods firm Cadbury Schweppes. The company made DigitalLink available to North American clients Wednesday, although no data will be available until Nov. 1, a Dynamic Logic spokeswoman said. She added that the results of the Cadbury Schweppes test will be available next month.

Millward Brown runs several other similar services for print, television, radio, and outdoor ads, as well as ads aimed at children.

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