CloudHQ Debuts Tool To Help SMBs Build Email Marketing Lists In Gmail

Email management company cloudHQ is offering a new Google Chrome extension to help small businesses build email lists from their Gmail accounts.   

The product, Email List Builder by cloudHQ, allows users to have all their email addresses organized into a Google Sheet, the company says.  

Each address can be enriched with 20 profile data points. Users can build the list with three clicks, it adds.  

The company says it makes sense to create a list from a Gmail account. 

“You already know that your email contacts are real, those people have some kind of rapport with you, and you can easily personalize it with over 20 email merge tags,” states Naomi Assaraf, CMO of cloudHQ.

"I've heard of people buying email lists, but the quality of those lists are usually so poor because those lists have been abused by the time anyone gets it.” 

According to the company, the new service allows SMBs to:

  • Own their email contact data
  • Monitor sales interactions with customers and interactions with suppliers
  • Utilize email merge tags such as first name, company, job title, etc.

Recently, the firm launched a service called Gmail Free Online Polls & Surveys. It provides a “simple way to embed free online polls and surveys,” states CloudHQ CEO Senad Dizdar.







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