Equity & Inclusion Congress Set For The Fall

The 4As is hosting a two-part Equity & Inclusion Congress this fall, designed to rally the industry to do better on the D&I front. 

Part 1 will convene virtually Sept. 21-22 and will feature a forum on D&I best practices and other topics. The group also plans to reveal benchmark industry data. 

Part 2 will be held Oct. 5-6. The agenda includes a session on the role of the Chief Diversity Officer and next steps that agencies can take to improve their D&I cultures. 

The forum comes amid a national cry for improved racial and social justice following the killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and other unarmed people of color by police. 

Those killings also amplified long-simmering criticism of Adland’s poor record on the D&I front, sparking a movement — 600 & Rising — and prompting new pledges by holding companies and agencies to improve industry diversity. 

The 4As Equity & Inclusion Congress is free, but registration is required. See more about the event here.





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