DirecTV Joins Adcuratio's Addressable, Versioned TV Ad Solution

AT&T-owned satellite TV provider DirecTV has joined Adcuratio’s National Custom Messaging (NCM) platform, expanding the footprint of the solution, which enables versioned, addressable national advertising.

Advertisers are seeking the ability to push addressable beyond the two minutes per hour of ad inventory available through local, to be viable at scale within national’s approximately 14 minutes per hour, across multiple MVPD footprints. 

NCM programmer partners include A+E Networks, which in January became the first to use the solution offer targeted linear ad delivery, Fox Corp and ViacomCBS.

Satellite TV provider Dish Media was already on board as an NCM distribution partner.

The two satellite providers are the industry’s “broadest-scaled national linear addressable players, with a footprint covering all DMAs,” according to Adcurio and Invidi Technologies.

DirecTV had about 14.6 million addressable households as of Q2, while Dish and Sling TV combined had about 9.7 million, according to USIM‘s Mitch Oscar.

Adcuratio’s platforms are integrated with Invidi’s addressable television technology to enable versioning in Invidi-enabled households. 

AT&T and Dish have a joint stake in Invidi. And while they compete for subscribers, DirecTV and Dish also have been partners for years in D2 Media Sales, which sells addressable ads to political campaigns.

“Our plan has always been to scale the local-break addressable business via our national sales force to a sufficient level of maturity, which we have done, and now are more than ready to enable the programmers’ national minutes,” stated Jason Brown, who leads national sales efforts for DirecTV’s addressable TV business, in the announcement. “Programmers’ advertising teams no longer have to be selling a single spot with the same creative to all households.”

“We are thrilled that advertisers will be able to execute across multiple distributors on programmer-owned inventory from A+E, CBS and FOX, creating single-buy scale and ease of execution for media planners and buyers,” added Kevin Arrix, senior vice president, Dish Media. “This development will also provide combined back-end reporting across distributors and programmers, which is critical in driving addressable TV advertising to the next level.”

Adcuratio implemented a pilot of ad-versioning campaigns on Dish, A+E and FX in 2018, and ad-versioning tests across cable and broadcast in 2020.
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