Camera Phones More Popular than Music Phones

  • by November 2, 2005
Camera Phones More Popular than Music Phones

According a forthcoming report from Parks Associates, using data from a survey of more than 2,000 U.S. Internet users, convergence is finding traction in mobile phones, with one-fourth of all U.S. Internet households willing to use a high-resolution camera phone as their primary camera. The report also found some consumer interest in mobile music applications, although photo applications are more popular among U.S. Internet households.

  • 52% (10.2 million homes) intend to buy a mobile phone with an  integrated camera
  • 30% (5.9 million homes) are planning to purchase a  mobile phone capable of downloading music.

Vibha  Pant, an analyst with Parks Associates, said "Although the industry is currently focused on iPods and Motorola's new  music phone ROKR, consumers would rather have a camera phone. Moreover, the impending  introduction of advanced mega-pixel camera phones will strengthen demand..."

 Approximately 14 million U.S. homes expressed an interest in music phones, making them more popular than a smart phone, defined as either a PDA with phone capabilities or a phone that can perform  computer-like functions such as e-mailing, word processing, and Internet  browsing.

For more information on mobile market intelligence, visit Parks Associates.

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