iPod Downloads Another TV Ad Milestone: The Infomercial

In a surprisingly fast, but not wholly unexpected development, the iPod video has already emerged as a medium for conveying long-form TV ads, better known as infomercials. Last week, a group of users of print and online publishing software maker Adobe Systems' Photoshop software launched what may be the first iPod infomercial, a half-hour guided tour of Adobe's Photoshop dubbed "Photoshop TV."

The video podcast, sponsored and distributed by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, was released on Oct. 24, and immediately began climbing the charts of Apple's iTunes podcasts to hit No. 2 on Oct. 28, leaving heavyweights such as National Public Radio, Al Franken, and ESPN in their dust. The video podcast drew more than 6,200 subscribers in its first 72 hours.

The free video podcast offers viewers tutorials and quick tips for mastering Photoshop, as well as industry news and interviews involving the digital photo and imaging software.

A second episode of "Photoshop TV" will be podcast today.



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