Anti-Trump Ads Feature 2 Brutal Executions

The Lincoln Project released new ads yesterday (both Spanish-language and English versions) comparing Trump to Fidel Castro, the Communist dictator that ruled Cuba with an iron fist for decades.

The ads are designed to convince Anti-Castro and other Hispanic voters in the U.S. to vote for Biden.

They should probably carry a parental warning label, given that they feature two brutal executions — archival footage of firing squad victims in Cuba during the Castro regime.

“Socialist authoritarians all start the same way,” the ad begins as images of a young Fidel appear on screen chatting with Russia’s Nikita Khrushchev and orating before adoring Cuban crowds. “Boasting, strutting like a rooster, posing for cameras,” along with “promises of prosperity and justice.”



Sound familiar?

“Then the persecutions of faith and dissent begin,” the narrator continues, as a man is paraded through a crowd, put up against a wall and shot by Cuban soldiers. The camera, facing the prisoner from behind the firing squad, shows the victim, with no blindfold, hat flying off as rifle smoke shrouds the upper half of his body, which then crumples to the ground.

The ad references propaganda, enemies lists and “secret police,” the latter an obvious reference to recent events in Portland.

The ad goes on to talk about “stolen land, homes and dreams of generations,” before the second execution takes place.

“Yes, authoritarians always start the same,” the ad concludes, as Trump is shaking hands with Russia’s Putin. “That’s why more and more people are saying Trump is just English for Castro.”

Pretty harsh stuff and a little over the top, as LP ads tend to be. I think the Biden camp would take a lot of heat for creating ads this graphic.

The LP not so much. People are used to their hardball style and approach. And the group isn't running for office, just singularly focused on the mission of dethroning our own little dictator.



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