Twitter Unveils Brand Safety Steps, Commits To MRC Accreditation

As Twitter prepares for a major push to be taken more seriously as an ad medium by Madison Avenue, the platform this week unveiled plans to accelerate its brand safety measures, and also committed to undergo accreditation for four areas overseen by industry ratings watchdog, the Media Rating Council, including: viewability, ad fraud (sophisticated invalid traffic filtration), audience measurement, and brand safety.

 “We will be prioritizing the brand safety audit first, and have already started the proposal process for this accreditation,” Jonathan Lewis, senior director of product management, said in a post on Twitter’s blog Monday. 

In a related move, Twitter announced that both DoubleVerify and Inegral Ad Science have been selected as its “preferred partners” for providing independent, third-party reporting on the context ads appear on Twitter. 

Both DoubleVerify and IAS already are accredited by the MRC.

As part of a broader push to create a safer environment for both advertisers and users, Twitter already made a commitment to cleaning up the ecosystem, including being a founding member of the World Federation of Advertisers’ GARM (Global Alliance for Responsible Media) initiative.



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