Post-Trump, Big TV Ratings Will Continue

TV news networks will be undergoing a major change when President Trump leaves office. But plenty of big time and off-the-wall news will still be available to report, at least in the near term.

Much of the current big TV news viewership over the last four years has been pegged to President Trump’s action and behavior -- seemingly seat-of-the-pants stuff -- great controversies for TV news networks to pick apart and analyze.

The last nine months have upped TV news engagement — given the pace of pandemic and election news. Some pundits worry President-elect Biden's administration will lack some of that heightened ratings excitement.

Maybe in the long run. But such outrages are also exhausting.

Initially, the pandemic, which will remain for part of 2021 -- will create steady TV viewing activity. Trump-related news will still abound, as may his tweeting, political rallies and oncoming local court cases. Trump faces a number of financial issues -- especially in New York State.



Apart from that, we can also expect continued unearthing of Trump-related news as the Biden Administration examines what real changes/missteps/damage have been done to key parts of the U.S. government. Think of it as a political autopsy.

TV news networks obtained major results during the Trump administration, not just Fox News Channel, but MSNBC and CNN as well. And yes, there will be some shifts.

The conservative-bent of Fox News Channel might be challenged by upstarts -- though it may only result in a few dings from Newsmax and One America News.

Money issues? Trump has them, according to a number of reports regarding loan payments due to major banks. But also consider that he just raised nearly $200 million from supporters for “election defense.” Half of that money can go to pay down Trump’s campaign debt.

All to say, Trump news, even as an ex-President, will linger.

If Trump finds a way to boost a new TV or digital news effort, possibly under his own name, that may keep him in the spotlight. He may also try to stay visible for a 2024 presidential run — though other Republicans probably have dreams of a White House bid.

At the same time, new and existing TV news networks will find their post-Trump voice. Networks won't need to cover every tweet, announcement, public appearance, or faux bit of news the former president might make.

In that regard, the news volume -- at least politically -- will be lower.

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