'Saturday Evening Post' Celebrates 200 Years In Print

Once one of America’s most widely circulated print magazines, The Saturday Evening Post is now officially America’s oldest. The publication, which turns 200 with its January/February edition, will features a 10-page retrospective chronicling its first 100 years.

The edition, as well as all of its 2021 issues, will include reprints of its inimitable content -- from Norman Rockwell’s illustrations to legendary writers -- but subscribers can also access its nearly half-million page archive of every issue ever printed.

While its print edition is a circulation shadow (250,000 readers) of what it was in its heyday during the first half of the 20th century, it also publishes a topical digital edition (see home page below).

“The history of the Post is a history of America,” boasts Publisher Joan SerVaas. "We’re proud to be sharing it with you."



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