LP Turns Trump's 'Talk' With GA Sec. Of State Into An Ad

The Lincoln Project incorporated some of Donald Trump’s talk over the weekend to pressure Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “recalculate” the state’s presidential voting result into a new ad.

Raffensperger taped the conversation, and stories have appeared on multiple outlets. It was first reported by The Washington Post.

In an ad titled "Donald Trump Is A Traitor," the LP interlaces Trump’s desperate, possibly illegal last-ditch effort to influence the election with graphics that state “Trump Lost” and “He Doesn’t Want Your Vote To Count.”

After Raffensperger tells Trump the state of Georgia has held a fair election with an accurate outcome, Trump is heard responding, “no, no, no,” about six or seven times, as if repeating the word over and over will make Raffensperger come to his senses and realize there’s been a big mistake.



“There’s nothing wrong with saying you’ve recalculated,” Trump says.

This wasn’t in the ad, but it was widely reported that Trump told the Georgia Secretary of State  he and his lawyer could be in legal hot water if he doesn’t do something — like rig the election — to flip the result.

The run-off elections for the two Georgia senate seats take place tomorrow, Jan. 5. The ad concludes: “Trump will lose again.”

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