YouTube Suspends Trump

On Tuesday night, YouTube joined the growing number of platforms suspending or banning outgoing President Donald Trump.

The Alphabet-owned video platform suspended his account for at least a week, and possibly longer.

YouTube cited a Trump video, which it had removed, saying that it violated its policy against content that could incite violence, and therefore represented a “strike” that requires a one-week suspension under its rules.

The platform also removed YouTube content from the White House’s channel for violating its policies, but declined to specify the nature of the content of either video, reports CNN Business.

YouTube, which will also disable comments under videos in Trump’s channel, said it will revisit the Trump suspension after the week’s suspension.



YouTube’s moves follow decisions by Twitter and other platforms to limit or deny Trump’s ability to use mass social channels, citing violence-inciting content such as falsely challenging the validity of Joe Biden’s election to President, and/or expressing support for last week’s pro-Trump mob insurrection at the Capitol building.

The scenario has spotlighted and increased debate about core questions regarding social media platforms’ power — including their currently nearly limitless abilities under U.S. law to help create and maintain the power of politicians on one hand, and to decide to cut off or censor politicians and others on the other hand.

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