UK Firms Say Data Quality Is Critical For Their Email Marketing

A whopping 77% of U.K. companies now monitor data quality, with 62% saying it’s a very important part of their email marketing program, according to the "Email Data Quality: Compliant, Correct And Complete Report," a study by the Data & Marketing Association (DMA). 

In addition, 33% say data quality is at least moderately important. Only 6% feel it’s unimportant. 

But there are apparent gaps in these happy findings. 

Of those polled, 67% rate their firm’s quality as good at least, compared with the industry best practice. However, the DMA does not seem to see this as adequate. 

Of the firms polled, 61% measure KPIs. The leading metrics they use are engagement rates (40%) and sales/revenue (37%). 

The average cost per acquisition per new customer is estimated to be between £26 and £33.

Of those polled, 33% utilize a  customer data platform (CDP). And those that do are 25% more likely to have a preference center in place, and 31% more given to collecting additional information on customers. 



“It is reassuring to see that most organizations monitor their data quality and agree it’s important,” states Tim Bond, head of insight at the DMA.

But Bond warns that marketers must have “data that is compliant, correct, and complete.”

Bond adds that there are “some clear opportunities for many businesses” to improve their data quality. 


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