Lincoln Project Continues To Crank Out The Hits Amid Its Own Ongoing Scandal

The Lincoln Project is under intense scrutiny for the slimy behavior of since-departed co-founder and alleged sex harasser John Weaver and questions about the distribution of monies raised by the Super PAC. 

But the group isn’t letting scandal interfere with the output of its trademark scathing and spot-on political ads. 

It’s also reactivated its donations mechanism after a weeks-long pause. 

Several days ago, it released an ad skewering Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for beating a quick path to a sunny resort in Mexico as his state was slammed by the worst winter weather it’s had in recent memory. The storm left scores dead and millions without power, water and other basic necessities. 

The ad, which already has nearly 1 million views, takes the form of an over-the-top direct TV travel and tourism pitch. “Want to get away from freak winter storms and busted water pipes?” the narrator asks at the ad’s opening, amid images showing the devastation wrought by the storm. 



“Tired of collecting your drinking water from a public spigot?” the ad continues. “Then say adios and hop a flight to Mexico,” as the images switch to Cruz waving bye-bye and getting on his flight. 

Some scenes of the Mexican getaway where Cruz vacated to (Cancun) precede the call to action to “book your escape from the modern hellscape that is the great state of Texas” as Cruz’s Russell Senate Office Building phone number is flashed repeatedly the on screen: 202 224 5922.

It goes on for another hilarious minute or so and you can watch it here

The last 20 seconds is filled by Cruz-specific disclaimers spoken so quickly its makes John Moschitta Jr. (of Fed Ex commercial fame) sound like a slow talker. Thankfully, the ad is captioned. 

There’s also a new ad calling out Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for telling viewers there is “no evidence” that white supremacists or armed insurrectionists were responsible for what happened on January 6. “That’s a lie,” Carlson is heard telling viewers. The ad (posted on LP’s twitter account) shifts to an interview with a Capitol Hill Police officer who was defending the Capitol on Jan. 6. He recounts how racists in the mob were verbally assaulting him with racial epithets and taunting him for being a Biden supporter. The officer also recounted seeing mob participants bearing arms, bulletproof vests and other body armor. 

I think we get who the liar here is. But hey, at Fox News, fibs are fun!



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