HBO Max Launches On Cox Platforms, Vudu On Amazon Fire Devices

Streaming services continue to expand their reach across platforms, with two notable new integrations announced this week.

WarnerMedia's HBO Max app -- which became available to Comcast Xfinity and Flex customers in December -- is also now available to Cox Communications' Contour customers through their set-top boxes.

Cox had 3.65 million paid subscribers as of year-end 2020, according to Leichtman Research Group estimates.

Cox was among AT&T's partners for the May 2020 launch of HBO Max. Contour customers who were HBO subscribers were given immediate access to HBO Max at no extra cost, in addition to their existing HBO linear and on-demand services.

Now, Cox customers can access HBO Max via their Contour 2 or Contour Stream Player devices, or subscribe to Max directly using the remote control for their Contour TV device.



Separately, Fandango announced that its Vudu streaming service is rolling out on Amazon Fire TV Edition smart TVs and Fire TV streaming devices.

Tens of millions of Fire TV device users will be able to purchase or rent titles from Vudu on a mobile device or computer. The titles will appear instantly in their Vudu library on Fire TV for playback.

Last week, Vudu launched on Xfinity Flex and X1. In 2020, it launched on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and TiVo. Vudu is also integrated in numerous other connected television devices and streaming platforms, including Roku, LG and Sony.

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