'Los Angeles Times' Relaunches Image Magazine With New Look, Content

L.A, Times’ Relaunches Image Magazine With A New Look And Content 


The Los Angeles Times has relaunched its glossy fashion and lifestyle publication Image, rebooting both its print and digital versions.

The goal is to provide an upgraded, L.A.-centric magazine and pay tribute to local talent.

Image is a true reflection of the artists who live and work in Los Angeles,” states Amy King, LA Times' creative director. “As an editorial team, we are endlessly impressed and inspired by the creative community in this city.”

The first issue will be delivered to LAT print subscribers on Friday, March 19, and limited copies will be available for purchase in the LAT’s online store



In addition, the magazine will be available in digital form at latimes.com/image and on the LAT mobile app. There will be eight issues this year.

Leading the product are LAT features editor and Image Editor-in-Chief Ian F. Blair and King. The new logo was designed by Ana Gomez Bernaus, a local illustrator and lettering artist.

The first issue will focus on remembrance and reflections on style as time travel, the LAT says. And it will feature articles by Vinson Cunningham, author of the new novel “The Party Year” and Justin Torres, author of the novel and movie “We Are Animals.”

Also appearing in the issue are Jason Parham, writer for Spook and Wired; Sarah Ramos of “Parenthood” fame and Dave Schilling, host of “Full Court Chat.”

The March 19 issue includes these features: 

*Los Intelligentsia — conversations with the artists, intellectuals and thought leaders of L.A.  

*My Go-To — Homages to “the mandatory items in our lives.”

*Branded — Stories about celebrity merchandise and designer lines. 

*Coveted — Curated lists of luxury goods that reflect the city’s “aspirational sensibility.”

*Trend Analysis, reflections on fashion trends.

Image was launched in 2007 and has been upgraded to provide a new platform for “our advertisers and readers alike,” states Kristen Berke, executive director of national advertising for the LAT.  


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