Email Tech Providers Are Offered A New Partner Program

Email/SMS platform Omnisend has launched a partner program to help freelancers, agencies and email technology providers to benefit from the success of their clients.  

The new service, the Omnisend Partner Program, counts such early partners as Hawke Media, MuteSix, RNDPXL, Visiture, Foster Design, Gorgias, Justuno, LimeSpot, Okendo, and Recharge.

Thee program facilitates account creation for the ecommerce merchants served by the partners, and supports the launch of sandbox stores to build and test integrations, Omnisend says. 

In addition, it would enable commissions for creating and transferred merchant accounts, it adds.

It also includes an educational component. 

“The goal of the program is to bring continuous value through education on best marketing practices and to help partners build sustainable businesses,” states Jon Pruitt, vice president of partnerships at Omnisend.

How this would benefit end users in the email chain is not yet known. But one partner gives the program a positive review. 

“Since deciding to focus more on email marketing as a service, Omnisend’s support team and Partner Program have consistently benefited both our agency and the clients we support,” states Kevin McCarthy, Operations Manager at Studioforty9.




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