Hat In Hand, Lincoln Project Says Upcoming Midterms 'Most Consequential' Ever

Some have called on The Lincoln Project, the anti-Trump Super PAC, to disband after sexual-harassment allegations against one of the co-founders — John Weaver (no longer with the group) — emerged a few months back.

But with Trump gone from office, the LP has its sights set on its next mission — the 2022 elections. More specifically, it wants to  thwart any attempted gains by Trump loyalists.

In a long email pitch for donations this week, the LP’s Steve Schmidt called the upcoming midterms “the most consequential off-year elections in our nation’s history.”

He even suggested that if Republicans retake the House and Senate, “they will impeach either President Biden or Vice-President Harris…with razor thin margins in the House and Senate, we can’t rest on the laurels of 2020’s narrow victory.”

Schmidt added political pros know the outcome of the 2022 elections “may well be decided in 2021. This is the period when candidates will be recruited, money raised, the battlefield prepared. Republicans will attack President Biden and Vice-President Harris continually and viciously. They have proven that truth and facts mean nothing to their politics.”



The email pitch, distributed on March 31, concluded: “If we end the quarter with a bang, it sends a message to these anti-democratic politicians and their enablers that the Lincoln Project isn’t going anywhere. If they want to destroy our democracy, they’ll have to go through us, and you, first.”

Guess we’ll know soon enough how much they raised, which could be a telling sign of the impact (or lack of) that the scandal has had on the group.


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