New Platform Allows Consumers To Provide Consent Anonymously

Identity resolution platform Intent IQ has unveiled an opt-in data sharing service that allows consumers allow sharing of a site’s first-party cookie identifier, IP and user-agent without revealing their names or email addresses. 

The new program, Data Sharing Choice (DSC) is powered by opt-in pop-ups. Tied to UID 2.0, an industry proposal from the Trade Desk, it offers two options to consumers: “Manage Options” or “Accept All.”

The tool “fosters consumer privacy, protects publishers’ ability to rely on advertising as their main revenue source, and grants advertisers the ability to reach desired audiences and measure the effectiveness of their ads,” states Roy Shkedi, chairman, Intent IQ. 

Brands can field DSC with pop-up copy like this:

“To fund your access to our site, we and third parties personalize content and ads as well as measure ad performance using cookies, device characteristics such as type and version of browser and operating system (a.k.a. user-agent), IP addresses and data collected on this site and other sites.”



In addition to protecting privacy, DSC is easier for consumers to use than opt-ins that require name, postal address and email address, the company claims.  

“The demise of third-party cookies puts both consumer privacy and the free and open internet at risk,” Shkedi argues. 

“The current solutions on the market would prompt content providers to raise paywalls to make up for the loss of targeted advertising revenue and give an unbalanced advantage to big tech companies who control a large share of first-party data,” Shkedi says.


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