Litmus Integrates Email Building Tools With HubSpot And Adobe Campaign Standard

Litmus has formed integrations with HubSpot and Adobe Campaign Standard that it says will provide users with enhanced email marketing capabilities.

The goal is to “provide users the tools they need to scale on-brand email production while encouraging efficient team collaboration,” says Melissa Sargeant, CMO of Litmus.

Email teams can build, test, and review emails more quickly than before while ensuring brand compliance, Litmus claims. 

In one improvement, Litmus' Visual Editor will now provide users with drag-and-drop modular building. In addition, the Litmus Design Library can help users find the right code resources regardless of coding abilities, it adds. 

The integrations also provide:

- Litmus Extension for Adobe Campaign Standard — This enables teams to speed up the email workflow in Adobe Campaign Standard.

- ESP Syncing for HubSpot — This feature connects Litmus and HubSpot to further streamline the email development workflow.



Email teams can now also filter and sort email previews in Litmus Test. This facilitates testing with filters by keyword, device type, popularity, or previews flagged for edits or review, the company says.

Brandon Lawson, email marketing strategist, development at Ferguson Enterprises, says Litmus' modular building functionality would be a valuable asset for any email team's email creation process.

Lawson adds: “It's an intuitive tool for non-technical marketers and a luxury for experienced developers.”

Sargeant contends that "over 50% of marketing teams say it takes more than two weeks to create a single email." She adds that "it's more important than ever to find new ways to speed up and scale email creation without added resources."

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