Substack Adds Sections To Its Newsletter Platform

Substack has added tools to help email newsletter publishers build circulation and give subscribers more control over what they read. 

Publishers can now add sections and create multiple newsletters or podcasts within a main publication.  

Subscribers can opt in or out of the sections on their account page. 

“As your publication grows, you might start to expand what you offer to readers,” Substack advises publishers in a blog post. “For example, you may want to add a separate section for a podcast series, for regional or topical content, or for posts in other languages. 

Each section will appear in a tab at the top of the publication’s homepage.

All publishers have to do is go to Substack’s Settings page, where they will see options to:



*Add a newsletter or a podcast

*Edit the title, logo, and one-line description 

*Choose whether readers are automatically subscribed

There may be some limitations. In the blog comments, one reader asked if custom domains can be added for each section. 

“No custom domains for now,” writes Substack’s Bailey Richardson. “Instead, each section has a “slug,” which is the identifier we use for routing to the section’s homepage.”

However, Richardson adds: Section homepages can have their own pinned posts!”

Another user asks if the solution supports bilingualism. 

Richardson answers: “You can definitely use a section to host translations of your posts.” 

And one publisher inquires if people will have to sign up to each new section, or if it is a tabs option.

“When writing a post, you can choose which section it goes in, and you can select whether a section is subscribed to by default.” 



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