Email Newsletter Publishers Offered New Native Ad Tool

Marketing platform LiveIntent has launched a native ad solution for email newsletter publishers.  

The new tool, LiveIntent Native Ad Blueprints, enables publishers to streamline the serving of native ads (paid content) at scale, the company says. It provides a one-time tag placement the publisher can use to fill the inventory with direct-sold demand or from LiveIntent’s demand-side platform or third-party DSPs. 

LiveIntent’s new offering allows publishers to accelerate ad serving and campaign operations while maintaining overall newsletter design, and it acts as a bridge between inventory and publishers’ systems, the company continues. 

“As our publishers race toward a future without third-party cookies, they’ll have the email asset to forge their paths,” states LiveIntent CMO Kerel Cooper. “Publishers have developed their own CRM-centric logged-in environments outside of the walled gardens."

LiveIntent says it connects 2,500 marketers and publishers with 200,000 million individuals per month.



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