Meredith, Snapchat To Launch Scan Initiative For 'Allrecipes'

Meredith has expanded its presence on Snapchat with a new project involving Allrecipes. That brand will be the exclusive food category partner of Snapchat’s Scan feature. 

Starting later this year, home cooks will be able to access Allrecipes recipes, based on ingredients captured in the Snapchat camera, the company says.  

Scan allows “Snapchatters” to search through millions of Lenses with the Snapchat camera.

Meredith already has experience in Snapchat, the People brand being a favorite on Snapchat Discover. And Southern Living’s Discover show, “Hey Y’all,” has just been renewed for its second season. 

"Our brands have seen tremendous engagement with Snapchat and this partnership speaks to our commitment to providing exciting new experiences for our audiences on this platform,” states Alysia Borsia, president of Meredith Digital.



Allrecipes provides home cooks with the tools they need to create their favorite meals. The “innovative and fun augmented-reality feature” provided by Scan will take that experience to a new level,” states Alicia Cervini, vice president, strategic partnerships at Meredith Corp.

The arrangement allows Allrecipes to serve recipes that can be matched with thousands of possible ingredients and dishes recognized by the Snapchat camera. Case in point: a saltine cracker might lead to a recipe for a strawberry dessert. 

The Allrecipes brand contributed to a 17% increase in digital advertising for Meredith’s Q3.  

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