Consumer Psychology Study Finds Friends & Family Still Top Brand Influencers

Despite the pervasive nature of digital media, directly influencing friends and family still is the No. 1 way most consumers choose to respond to positive or negative experiences with a brand. That's the finding of a just-published "Consumer Psychology Survey" published by customer experience management platform Iterable. 

The study, which surveyed consumers in the U.S. and U.K. found people are most likely to influence others when they encounter a positive brand experience, vs. a negative one, but regardless they still choose express it in their interactions with friends and family. The finding reaffirms decades of communications planning studies, which long before digital, showed friends and family were the most influential factor in consumer brand experiences.

Publishing online reviews, however, rank relatively high, especially when consumers are expressing a positive brand experience, while social media posting ranked last among the options given in the survey.



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