'WaPo' Launches 'A Better Week' To Address Post-Pandemic World

The Washington Post is debuting a seven-day newsletter, A Better Week,” to help readers navigate their post-pandemic lives.

Tom Johnson, assignment editor, social media at the paper, will offer tips and features on various subjects, including health, returning to an office and how to achieve a sense of normalcy. He will also interview experts that can help readers cope after a year of COVID-19 isolation.

“Many of us have experienced a lack of separation between work and home life over the last year, and in reading this newsletter, we hope readers can reclaim their personal lives by focusing on the things they care about most and eliminating habits that waste time,” said newsletter editor Kelly Poe.

Each day, A Better Week centers on a different aspect of life. The series begins by addressing how to cut back on phone screen time and TV watching and make time for friends.



Earlier this month, WaPo introduced “Please, Go On,” a weekly podcast hosted by opinion columnist James Hohmann. Every Friday, he interviews the author of one of the week’s most compelling or most unexpected guest columns from Post Opinions.

Hohmann analyzes arguments from contributors influencing public conversation on key issues. Previously, he was a national political correspondent and author of The Daily 202, the newspaper’s flagship political newsletter.


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