Taking Marketing Into Quantitative Age: Q&A With Marc Media's Walid Eli Khoury

Walid Eli Khoury, founder and CEO, Marc Media, is on the forefront of IoT marketing. “I had an early passion for tech innovation, starting with my first 286 PC when I was 8 years old,” he said. From then on, computers and technology have driven me to keep pace by experiencing the evolution of technology first-hand.”

He has applied that early knowledge the infrastructure of Marc, which was founded February 2020. “With COVID on our heels,” he worked with select clients towards launch. “Early this year we opened the Marc channel to the public, introducing the world's First IoT-connected video brochure.”

Charlene Weisler: What are the topline advantages of IoT- connected video brochures?

Walid Eli Khoury: Recognizing the compelling engagement features of legacy video brochures, we wanted to integrate the power of measurement and attribution, which digital and TV marketers had become accustomed to. We built an IOT platform that we integrated into the brochures to enable digital measurement in real time. Marc essentially combined the power of video + digital + print marketing in one, representing a new immersive and interactive marketing experience / channel 



Weisler: How does Marc work?

Eli Khoury: A Marc campaign is deployed by simply picking a screen size, providing a design for the print template, delivering video creative or images for the device, and then you’re ready to launch.  Your campaign can be deployed using one of two reporting options, both in real time (campaign analytics or  individual analytics).

We took the simplicity of the current video brochure and developed the Marc IoT technology that through our strategic partnership with AT&T is able to now communicate back the interactions and even calls-to-action of a recipient.

Weisler: Does Marc fall under the out-of-home advertising category?

Eli Khoury: It’s an interesting question, because Marc doesn’t fit any one category. Yes, it can be used in out of home, but it can also be sent directly to homes via direct mail. We anticipate the largest use cases to be direct mail and in person at conferences or sporting/entertainment events.

Weisler: What data do you collect?

Eli Khoury: We collect open + close rates, which content is viewed, how long it's viewed, if it was moved to other locations. We also collect data from interactions, which are derived from call-to-action and feedback buttons on the device.

Weisler: How can this data be leveraged with other datasets?

Eli Khoury: For general campaigns, it provides an overall first-person perspective on the impact of their creative and audience habits. For individual level campaigns, each Marc device is IOT-enabled, which provides powerful behavioral data from each recipient.

Weisler: What types of clients are you working with?

Eli Khoury: Several different verticals including  high-tech, business services, healthcare, auto, real estate.

Weisler: Do you see different results based on genre?

Eli Khoury: No, the open rate is well over 80% across the board, and the re-engagment rate is almost 50% the next day.  It’s hard to ignore a video brochure when it comes in the mail, and the data demonstrate that. It’s clear that the power of direct marketing and direct mail are amplified when video and interactivity are included.

Weisler: Can you break down usage by demo?

Eli Khoury: We can't wait to provide these insights! We will soon have enough first-person data as Marc campaigns around the country continue to report back. We will keep you posted!

Weisler: What are the results of one of your campaigns?

Eli Khoury: On average, 80% open rate, 6.8 times opened for 3.5 minutes watched. 48% reengage after the first day, 27% one week later and over 14% from multiple places.

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  1. Walid Khoury from Marc Media co., June 29, 2021 at 10:41 a.m.

    Thank you Charlene for your time and a great experience in highlighting how disruptive the Marc channel is for marketing and sales teams.

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