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  • A Look At Global Converged TV Trends: Q&A With TVSquared's Jamie Lemle by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 11/16/2021)

    Thank you, Ed.

  • Measurement In The Age Of Data and Fragmentation by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 10/04/2021)

    Thanks Ed. Great comment and something to keep in mind.

  • Explaining CPM Increase: Q&A With SQAD's Marc Krigsman by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 02/19/2020)

    Thanks Ed!

  • Thinking Out Of The Box: Q&A With CDA's Jin Kim by Charlene Weisler (Marketing Daily on 05/09/2019)

    Jin intended to say “recall rates” not retention rates. That is taken from a 2012 Nielsen study when mobile video was just starting to take off. Please see citation below:

  • Thinking Out Of The Box: Q&A With CDA's Jin Kim by Charlene Weisler (Marketing Daily on 05/09/2019)

    I will ask. Thanks for the comment.

  • Operating In Bifurcated Media World: Q&A With Operative's Lorne Brown by Charlene Weisler (Television News Daily on 11/07/2018)

    Hi John,Good question. I was referring to impressions from a TV centric perspective which implies ads that are visible. In the digital space, I would presume that the impressions would be based on ad seen. Ideally impressions could be the common denominator for a range of platforms and media but perhaps defined differently according to platform. I am not sure that there is a common definition for impressions.Best,Charlene

  • Looking Ahead To Tomorrow's Tech Advancements by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 01/22/2018)

    Hi Jack, Great to hear from you. I have years of interviews, yours included, that have predictions. Maybe an article on how well we all predicted the industry is warrented!

  • What Is The Future Of Television? by Charlene Weisler (Television News Daily on 10/19/2017)

    I don't think anyone will go out of business but I do think there will be a bit of pain as legacy media adapts to the new ad tech world. Think of how print has had to retrench and then adapt. And is print back to where they were before? Not yet.

  • Technology No Longer Issue In Audience-Based Buying: Q&A With GABBCON's Gabe Greenberg by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 07/26/2017)

    Ed, the response was from Gabe. His name was cut off the previous comment.

  • Technology No Longer Issue In Audience-Based Buying: Q&A With GABBCON's Gabe Greenberg by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 07/26/2017)

    Ed thanks for your well thought out comments. Your assertion that the application of data helps to sell less attractive shows is missing the point entirely on audience buying. The very concept of audience buying and the myriad of case studies that demonstrate its success demonstrate that "the show" is far less relevant when you reach the right home, viewer or user. Audience Buying applies to all video, not just linear TV - in fact we should begin thinking of video holistically anyway as more and more TV streams are now and will soon be delivered digitally. Audience buying involves the application and use of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data to enhance the targeting, reach and optimization of campaigns. Brands and agencies are using 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data to better target and reach consumers on the traditional TV set, but also on all the new screens where they are consuming TV content (OTT, VOD, FEP, Digital, etc). Moreover, while linear TV has allowed for the use of MRI or Simmons data for some time, audience buying across all screens now supports wider data sets and as we become more digital and ATSC3.0 take hold, we will be able to do even more. As far as NBC goes, the use of data sales tripled in this year’s upfront based on what NBC is saying, more importantly this was their best upfront ever So while I cannot comment on whether they hit $1BN in data sales - they clearly made real strides. I cannot comment on whether they did or did not hit this goal of $1BN, but what I can tell you is that NBC has a tremendously successful upfront based on their own comments. The lines between digital and linear are blurring so when you while your points above are relevant to the traditional TV model, you seem to either miss or discount the point that TV as we know it has changed. The shift from TV to digital may be slowing, now that TV can apply some of the "digital" targeting and optimization tools, TV while begin to win back some of what it may have lost or it will at least slow the transition.

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