Building Global CTV Apps: Q&A With Norigin's Ajey Anand

The world of CTV apps is global, and the ability of companies to facilitate accessibility for both consumers and brands across providers is paramount. I spoke to Ajey Anand, CEO of Norigin Media, about the world of CTV apps and how companies can maneuver in the expansive marketplace. Norigin Media is a Scandinavian connected TV specialist company that designs, engineers and validates apps and features on a range of CTV devices.

Charlene Weisler: What are the opportunities for advertisers and marketers and brands in the CTV app market?

Ajey Anand: Increasing the times spent on apps alongside good content is the goal. Making sure consumers find it easy to search and navigate with clunky remote controls would be our goal. For advertisers, the first opportunity is to understand the consumer. Where reports and analytics are available, consumer retention is monitored and managed and finally churn is reduced. For marketers and brands, direct interactivity and monetization possibilities duplicated from what was seen on the mobile, is now possible.

Weisler: Considering all of the data collected, what are the opportunities for researchers?

Anand: A strong suite of analytics integrations help understand consumer and app behaviors. Whether it is reviews, rating, quality of service and experience or consumption patterns - all analytics can be now collated in a synchronous manner, which serves any research or study.

Weisler:  What are some of the marketplace and technology challenges?

Anand: Certain devices like Apple and Roku may need unique attention, challenges that are manageable with engineers trained to think of streaming apps as a single goal rather than different technologies across different devices.

Weisler:  What type of data can be collected?

Anand: We don’t collect any data but we facilitate the streaming service owner to collect any data possible.

Weisler: Can this replace recommendation engines?

Anand: We currently integrate the best of breed analytic providers and recommendation engines. We feel that recommendation engines will be replaced by AI technologies anyway, and such a space is the right place to be now to engage with app makers and device manufacturers.

Weisler: Where do you see CTV apps going in the next 3-5 years?

Anand: As seen with mobile, apps and markets will become easier to use and filled to the brim with all things digital. CTV devices will increase penetration across the world in the near future. As we have seen, as CTVs replace the need for second-screen support while consuming interactive content, it will become a central entertainment and media hub within all households.

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