Intent Data Show Increased Interest in 'Online Video' Among Both Brands And Agencies

The continuing rise of video means it is no longer considered just one piece of the overall marketing campaign. It has the power to connect audiences like nothing else can. Within the larger trend of viewer migration toward digital video, companies that aren’t already creating video are likely to fall behind. Digital video can take multiple forms to serve marketers’ wide-ranging needs.

As a result, “online video platform” was up again this week among both marketers and agencies, as measured by Bombora Company Surge. The pandemic amplified video consumption habits for the foreseeable future, brands and agencies will want to get on the same page with regards to “video optimization” and “video transcoding” to ensure they’re making the most out of their investments – especially with the promise of improved performance and monetization resulting from 5G on the horizon. 



Another area where intent data shows brands and agencies to be at odds is around “lead routing” and “lead nurturing.” Both appear to be growing areas of interest among brands in recent weeks. On average, nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads, which makes the case for aligning more closely with your organization’s sales function to ensure that leads are being converted into customers. In the B2B space, marketers focused on nurturing high-quality leads will need to embrace increasingly sophisticated marketing automation tools to ensure leads are being engaged throughout the entire buying process. 

The consensus among marketers is that creating content is the most challenging part — however, it’s fundamental for increasing customer loyalty. This is where agencies can help companies stick out amid a sea of sameness. To ensure that content is not only meaningful but beneficial, it must be tailored to the needs and preferences of today’s B2B buyers. And most B2B buyers prefer video over static content.

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