Google, GoDaddy Team Up

GoDaddy announced a partnership with Google on Tuesday to introduce a one-click Google Shopping expansion to easily create ads. It’s an addition to GoDaddy’s current Google Shopping capability that provides customers with an opportunity to scale their businesses and use Google to reach millions of new shoppers. 

Greg Goldfarb, vice president of commerce products at GoDaddy, believes that expanding the company’s work with Google simplifies creating an ecommerce presence. He may be correct.

GoDaddy has more than 20 million customers and provides a variety of services. The expansion includes posting free listings on Google to promote products on the Google Shopping tab, Google Search, Google Images, Google maps, and Google lens.

It also includes using the Smart Shopping Campaign offering to promote products across more channels on Google channels like YouTube and Gmail. And it lets users manage and track Google posts from their GoDaddy dashboard.



Without leaving their GoDaddy Online Store, customers can create a Google Merchant Center account, sync their catalog to create free product listings on Google, and promote their products on Google.

To help entrepreneurs get started, Google is also offering eligible GoDaddy customers up to $150 in ads credit when they start their first Smart Shopping campaign.

Earlier this month, GoDady launched a service, List for Sale, to sell unused domain names. The company has a broker service, and will negotiate (for a fee) the URL domain if already sold, but owners of the name can now sell it themselves.

The tool is available for free to all GoDaddy customers who own a domain name, providing an opportunity to generate a profit on unused domains.

GoDaddy provides an estimate pricing tool to help users set an accurate price for their listing.

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