Publishers Can Benefit From Demand For Personalized Brand Content

Consumers are demanding more personalized content from marketers, giving publishers an opportunity to expand their branded content studios or other custom publishing operations.

Some 85% of executives from a cross-section of industries said they had seen greater demand for content in the past year, according to a survey by Lucidpress, a web-based brand templating platform. Media Daily Newsreported on the survey yesterday.

The survey’s 452 respondents said effective personalized content could boost brand revenue by an average of 48%. However, they identified several impediments to realizing that growth.

About three-quarters (77%) of respondents said their companies used off-brand content. The finding suggests a missed opportunity for revenue growth from brand consistency.

Only 32% of executives said most of their content is personalized, but 43% said the majority of their customer base demands personalized content.



Measurement also is a concern, with 28% of respondents saying  the effect of content on consumer decisions was less than 25%. About one-quarter of executives (27%) said they consistently track the return on investment for their content.
Marketers also face constraints in creating content, with 39% of respondents saying they needed at least a week to fulfill content requests, while only 11% were able to create content within a day.

The survey findings suggest that many marketers recognize the need for customized content, but may not have the know-how or capacity to create it. As consumers seek more information about products and services before making a purchase decision, branded content can help to differentiate brands from rivals.

Publishers that provide these services to marketers have an opportunity to fill a growing need for customized content.

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