Drive-By Ad Buy Opens New Window On Media Placement

It's pretty hard to fast-forward through the ad on the vehicle ahead of you, so Los Angeles-based Advermotion is capitalizing on California's car culture by selling ad space on automobile windows.

This past summer, the agency recruited L.A.-area drivers who live, work, and travel in neighborhoods that happen to have a lot of tennis and hockey fans. Advermotion placed gigantic decals on the rear windows of cars, promoting the JP Morgan Chase Tennis Classic and L.A. Kings hockey. The cost: $275 to $375 per vehicle per month, plus a $250 set-up fee.

As the appeal of outdoor advertising grows, Susan Harp, Advermotion's chief operating officer, expects to expand next year to include public service, theme park, technology, and fast food promotion. Advermotion also wants to spread its reach throughout California and into New York, Chicago, and other top markets in 2006. Harp says Advermotion's mobile media solutions generate about 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per vehicle per day.

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