'Lead Generation,' 'Brand-Building Strategy' Intent Data Spikes Among Brands

I'm back after a brief summer hiatus to look at the top search trends influencing the ad industry, and for most mid-to-large sized companies, I see substantial increases in research activity starting around September, according to my analysis of Bombora Company Surge data. Companies are strategizing for the new fiscal year ahead. Whether they’re looking at where agencies will be needed for outsourcing work or making a change due to poor performance of the incumbent, now is the time to both embrace intent data and capitalize on surging topics.  

The end of August saw interest spikes in “lead generation” and “brand-building strategy,” two areas of high importance for marketers. While it can be argued that both serve distinctly purposes, creating and reinforcing general awareness around your products, goods, and services, while filling your pipeline with sales ready leads can be a winning formula. 



B2B marketers won’t be surprised to see intent data rising sharply in “customer acquisition,” “account-based marketing,” and “demand generation consulting,” as the need to reach key accounts with personalized and relevant communications with the goal of nurturing long and mutually beneficial relationships gains serious momentum.  

Lastly, “experiential marketing,” also known as “engagement marketing” skyrocketed in recent weeks. It’s a tried-and-true strategy that directly engages customers and invites and encourages them to participate in the evolution of a brand. It offers a visceral brand experience that can leave a lasting imprint on those involved. 

With dispiriting setbacks delaying in-person interactions, marketers are being forced to get creative with their Experiential Marketing. Not only does it allow you to collect vital data about participants which can then help you improve your strategy, but it also bolsters a lasting connection between customers and a brand. 

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