'Washington Post' Relaunches '202' Newsletter Suite

The Washington Post has relaunched its 202newsletter suite, adding features, authors and a new morning product.   

Now debuting is The Early 202, an adapted version of the Power Up newsletter. Co-authored by Jackie Alemany and Theo Meyer, it will present an early morning political briefing every weekday. 

In addition, WaPo has created a new newsletter format through which readers can access additional content from numerous sources. And each newsletter will feature personal insights from its author. 

“Since its debut, the 202 newsletter franchise has been the go-to news source for Beltway insiders, government leaders and the nation’s most politically influential,” said Rachel Van Dongen, editor of The Washington Post’s 202 newsletters. “The 202 newsletters build on The Post’s historic strength as a leader in politics and policy."



The 202 suite includes The Daily 202, in which Oliver Knox provides analysis on the Biden administration, Congress and foreign policy.

Also part of the suite are Cristiano Lima’s new “The Technology 202” on the technology policy landscape and  Rachel Roubein’s “The Health 202,” a daily tip sheet on the health-care debate in Washington. 

In addition, the 202 suite includes Joseph Marks’s “The Cybersecurity 202,” on cybersecurity policy, and The Climate 202 and The Energy 202.  


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