Walmart, Kyra Media Partner On TikTok Home Improvement Channel

Big Box retail giant Walmart has launched a Gen Z-targeted home improvement channel on TikTok called 4Walls. It’s collaborating with GenZ specialist agency Kyra Media on the project.

The channel features a TikTok-native interior design content that’s intended to resonate with the Gen Z audience.

In the next six months the companies are projecting an audience in the millions with the goal of being the “go-to destination for all things Gen Z home.”

Kyra’s research found that the home space is a high priority for Gen-Zers as a place to self-express and as a haven, particularly during COVID-19.

Content will cover a lot of ground, from DIY decor and how influencers live, to comparison pricing on apartments in different cities.  The channel uses videos, stills and GIFs and editorial commentary to report on items of interest to Gen Z.

4Walls is part of Kyra Media’s portfolio of channels on TikTok targeted to Gen Z, including the fashion channel Rag Report and wellness channel Glia.

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